Tips to Register

We are happy to help you register by phone at 857.574.0567.

Select your program by searching type, age group or date. Put the program you would like to register for in your cart. Continue through the listing adding programs as desired to the cart. At completion click View Cart. This will bring you to a listing in your cart. Indicate the number of registrants per program.  The costs will populate and total in your cart. Early Bird discounts will show in your cart if applicable. We accept MC and Visa.

Program Listing Label: Location Program Name Grade Level Date Ex: O RoboKids Gr K-2 6.25 points to Olin College Intro Robotics Grade K-2 week of June 25. This label will identify programs for Flex Spending reporting.

Program Search Feature: On each location page parents can search by program type, week of date, age group, program length plus pre/post care and lunch where available. 

Early Bird Discounts: $25 off half day and $50 off full day are listed with expiration dates when available.

GreenApple Rewards
In appreciation of families who participate in multiple programs and/or have more than one GreenApple child we are pleased to continue GreenApple Rewards. Rewards are earned on qualifying GAC programs within the same calendar year.
How does it work?
6 half day programs or 3 full day programs = 1 free week (either 2 x half day or 1 full day) program. The 6 half day or 3 full day programs are tracked as a family account. Siblings can share the rewards!
Two Levels of Rewards 
Level I: if registrations are processed at one time.
Full reward
Level II: if registrations are added throughout summer.
75% reward
Discounts do not include extended care or lunch. Qualifying programs must be in the same GreenApple® Campus season.
The registration system cannot apply GreenApple Rewards. We are happy to help you over the phone!