Tips to Register

Can we help? 857.574.0567  We are happy to apply these discounts for you by telephone

Olin College / Babson College Staff & Faculty discount: $50 off half day and $100 off full day programs

Sibling Discounts: $25 off half day and $50 off full day programs.

GreenApple Rewards

In appreciation of families who participate in multiple programs and/or have more than one GreenApple child we are pleased to continue GreenApple Rewards.

Rewards are earned on qualifying GAC programs by family members within the same calendar year. 

How does it work? 6 half day programs or 3 full day programs = 1 free week (either 2 x half day or 1 full day) program. Example: If you are registering 2 children for 2 weeks of full day programming, the 2nd child’s 2nd week is free.

Discounts do not include extended care or lunch. Qualifying programs must be in the same GreenApple Campus season.

Call us to apply GreenApple Rewards!

Interested in a Group Rate? Please give us a call for a quote

Early Bird Discounts: Posted when available