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Who we are

GreenApple Campus
Inspires the Innovators of the Future.
Are Your Kids Future Ready?

GreenApple Campus is an educational nonprofit providing STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship programming to empower students and educators to be Future Ready and thrive in a globally connected world.

STEM Programs

Today's Learners are Tomorrow's Leaders

GreenApple works with students and educators to:

  • Deliver STEM, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs both in person and Live Virtual Programs.
  • Develop and license STEM curriculum for schools, learning centers, organizations and museums.
  • Provide Training and Professional Development to STEM Professionals.

Our curriculum is based on more than 20 years of successful STEM content development and delivery. GreenApple programs develop curious investigative thinking, incorporate creativity, invite teamwork and collaboration.

We are excited to partner with
for exciting STEM Leadership programs in STEM,
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership connected to
STEM careers for girls.
Believe you have the ability to make change!

Empower Girls to Achieve

Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision empowers girls to confidently imagine, create, lead and achieve. Be the best future innovators we can be! Why Women make up half of the national workforce, but hold just 25% of the jobs in technical or computing fields according to national research. Let’s get girls involved!

Career Skills

Prepare the Innovators of the Future

Career Professional Skills & Career Technology Skills like WordPress are essential skills for job seekers and those with ambitions to grow their career. The Career Skills course bundles empower participants with the professional and technology skills related to employment and career growth.

Career Pathway Courses.