Why STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Hello World!

At GreenApple we have been on a mission to inspire the innovators of the future. It feels like we have been in start up mode for more than 18 years as STEM education, tools and technology have evolved. That’s the good news!

We believe the Future Calls for Action! We want to do more than Inspire future innovators. We need to Prepare the Innovators of the Future!

The future comes faster than ever with innovations, real world problems and the opportunity to solve them.

Technology is changing today’s jobs and creating new ones we never imagined. The demand for a dynamically relevant education has never been more important. Traditional education is challenged to evolve into a progressive, challenging and engaging learning experience.

Our goal is to connect the dots from STEM to Innovation to Entrepreneurship with a platform to power students, educators and entrepreneurs.

So STEM Education Entrepreneurs our next steps are to share the lessons learned along the way…

Ready to power up?