STEM Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Join GreenApple for the STEM Entrepreneur Bootcamp series focusing on the rapidly growing STEM Education and Virtual Learning business sectors. You will gain the entrepreneurial mindset and skills to successfully launch and grow your education business, learn how to pivot and maximize opportunity.

Why Launch a STEM Education Business? 

STEM education is a rapidly growing market. There is significant need for STEM education programming globally. Virtual Learning provides the tools to grow your STEM education programming anytime anywhere.

A Few Keys:

  • STEM Jobs are the fastest growing category of jobs. In the next decade 80% of professions will require a deep understanding of STEM skills but 57% of students are struggling to meet the basic skills requirements in math. 
  • STEM jobs pay the most. Statistically STEM jobs pay 26% more.
  • STEM Skills Gap, which means there is a gap between high demand jobs and the skills required to fill them. That gap is Science Technology Engineering and Math. This gap can be filled through STEM education.
  • Innovation Boosts Growth in the Economy. We need skilled STEM experts to help develop the next successful antibiotic or cure for a disease. We need engineers and developers to create the next new phone or a computer that learns faster than a human. We also need those math savvy people to help us understand big data, make-sense of our economy, manage finances, and even help us get to Mars!
  • There is a Gender Gap! Women make up 50% of the workforce but comprise 28% of workers in STEM jobs. This is in contrast to stats that girls outperform boys in STEM exams.

STEM Entrepreneur Bootcamp will empower you to build your business and take it to the next level. Build confidence as an entrepreneur and connect with fellow STEM Entrepreneurs.

Blueprint For Success
Upon completion of the series you will have a Blueprint to Success for your STEM Learning Program or Business with actionable plan.