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AI & Machine Learning

AI is the Future
Are Your Kids AI Future Ready?

AI & Machine Learning are part of every day life. Intelligent devices can recognize faces or interact with speech and voice commands.

Robots and autonomous vehicles are here to stay in the office, in manufacturing and on the road.

AI & Machine Learning can recommend products or the next movie and help doctors with diagnosis using lighting speed analysis of large stores of clinical data. 

Every time we text a friend, send an email, buy a product, use social media channels or request directions we interact with AI and Machine Learning.

In AI & Machine Learning Live Virtual Camps, kids learn how AI works, how computers see the world, the 5 big ideas plus AI & Machine Learning tools and processes. With hands on active learning kids will learn to build AI projects and models. 

Check out these 2 courses scheduled in June that build on each other.
Where: Live Virtual Camps on Zoom Schedule

  • AI & Machine Learning I / June 14 – June 18 / 3pm – 5pm EST
  • AI & Machine Learning II / June 21 – June 25 / 3pm – 5pm EST
  • AI & Machine Learning I / August 2 – August 6 / 3pm – 5pm EST
  • AI & Machine Learning II / August 9 – August 13 / 3pm – 5pm EST

No previous experience is required.

AI is the future, are your kids AI Future Ready?