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Career Pathway Courses

Career Pathway Courses

The Career Connection
To Prepare for Future Success
Which STEM Major? Which Career Opportunity?

We are excited to offer Career Pathway Courses starting Summer of 2022.

How do Career Pathway Courses Work?
Career Pathway courses are live virtual courses.
Each course is 2 weeks in duration.
Each Career Pathway course includes personalized coaching and lab time.

Our goal is for Career Pathway students to produce a capstone or culminating project to include in their portfolio.

Which Career Pathway Courses are included?
Learn WordPress
Design & Build a Website, Blog, App or Portfolio
43% of the web uses WordPress! This means careers building sites, blogs, portfolios or apps plus maintaining those same creations for schools, organizations and companies. 
Learn Unity 3D & Meet Me in the Metaverse
What careers use Unity?
Game developers, IDE developers, VR and AR developers, anyone building real time 3D visualization and the cinematic film industry.
Learn Climate Science Be Climate Positive
If you have a passion for the environment, science or environmental activism, this course is a must for you.
Learn the science, understand carbon footprint and make the community and career connection. Participants will participate in citizen science activities and create a culminating digital project.
Learn to Create a Podcast
Share your voice! What interests you? Is it the environment, fashion, entertainment, true crime, music, food, social justice? One of the most popular tools to share your voice and interests is a podcast. Let’s get started!

Learn more. Schedules posted soon. Contact us for more information.