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Summer STEM

The future will be made by creators not consumers.

The past 2 years have been challenging, especially for students and teachers.

Are you looking for an academic experience that is also fun after two years of disrupted learning from COVID?

Story Media Workshop is an exciting new STEM and STEAM series giving kids the power to be creators vs consumers. Students with this creative capacity and technical literacy will hold the power in the future. They are the next generation of entrepreneurs!

How does it work? Kids use cool technology to bring their story to life. Create a Graphic Novel or Video Game, a story about a game or the story is the game. Kids use technology in the Video Lab or VR AR Lab or make a podcast. It seems so many movies and series come from podcasts these days.

Story Media Workshop supports students in emerging and interactive technologies to create media that takes their story to the next level. Through experiential storytelling and design, students share their perspectives and community, inspire positive action or create adventure entertainment.

Story Media Workshop builds academic, technology and career skills!

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