About Us

Who is GreenApple® Campus?

GreenApple = STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship. GreenApple® Campus is an educational not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to inspire the innovators of the future through creative, challenging STEM, Innovation and Entrepreneurial programs for kids. GreenApple Campus began offering programs in 2003 developing exciting enrichment programs designed to challenge and engage the innovators of the future. Our StartUp Lab and InnovationLab Entrepreneurship initiative develops the entrepreneurial spirit bringing innovation to life.

Program Philosophy
GAC seeks to challenge program participants to stretch their capabilities and creativity in a fun and interactive learning environment. We look for staff who are motivated, enthusiastic, and share our vision for a challenging, fun enrichment program. GreenApple program philosophy incorporates challenge based content, participant success, teamwork and collaboration skills.

STEM program categories in Robotics in Engineering & Invention, Digital Media & Technology, Coding, ThinkTinkering in the FabLab maker space and GirlsTech. StartUp Lab and InnovationLab Entrepreneurship initiative develops the entrepreneurial spirit bringing innovation to life.

GAC’s instructors are experienced STEM invention, innovation and creativity maniacs. They are current school teachers or involved in university programs, pursuing secondary degrees in education or educational technology. Others have professional backgrounds using technology applications. All staff go through training, a background screening process as well as reference checks.

Staff ratio
Our maximum participant to staff ratios are:
8:1 for younger participants
10:1 for older participants.

GreenApple Campus offers 3 types of donation categories. GAC will provide tax receipts for these.
– Technology: used iPads, notebooks or tablets
– LEGO Education Products, LEGO or LEGO sets. These will be cleaned and re-purposed for GAC programs.
– Financial: to support GAC scholarships.


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The one-size-fits-all approach to STEM education may not yield optimum results for diverse learners and at enhanced levels. The landscape of STEM education is evolving. How can GreenApple help? We can provide services for tailored solutions, customized STEM content, partnerships and joint ventures. To request information for your upcoming project please contact us at services@greenapplestemtech.com.

Outreach Programs, GreenApple On the Go

Kids just want to have fun! As part of our commitment to bring the playful spirit of camp to seriously ill children, teens, adults and families we are excited to offer Outreach Programs, GreenApple On the Go.
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