STEM Programs

GreenApple Empowers Students & Educators in a Globally Connected World

GreenApple Campus is an educational nonprofit providing STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship programs to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally connected world now and in the future.

GreenApple works with students and educators: 

  • We deliver STEM, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs both in person and Live Virtual Programs.
  • We develop and license STEM curriculum for schools, learning centers, organizations and museums.
  • We develop and deliver training and Professional Development.

We inspire the innovators of the future!

The Future Calls For Action

The demand for a dynamically relevant education has never been more important.

Traditional education is challenged to evolve and deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. This is true now more than ever before with the need for Virtual and Blended Learning Models and the digital equity issues these models bring to light.

What makes this even more challenging? The future is now, the need is now. Is your organization ready?