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How do Career Pathway Courses Work? Career Pathway courses are live virtual courses. Each course includes personalized coaching and lab time. Our goal is for Career Pathway students to produce a capstone or culminating project to include in student portfolio.
Digital Certificate at Completion

Create With VR Virtual Reality
AI & Machine Learning
Create & Launch Your Podcast
WordPress Website Portfolio Blog
Climate Science Be Climate Positive

Create With VR Virtual Reality

VR has the ability to enhance 23 million jobs by 2030.
VR development builds skills in programming, UX design, 3D modeling, software development, digital artwork creation and more. This prepares students to thrive in high demand technical and creative careers. 

Which industries use this type of solution? Beyond gaming and entertainment several industries leverage VR in diverse uses. Film & Animation use VR in immersive films, apps and new ways for audiences to engage. Healthcare incorporates VR to train and achieve better outcomes in surgery, rehabilitation and mental health support. Automation, Transportation & Manufacturing use VR to design, test and demonstrate everything from clothing, vehicles to large scale manufacturing projects. Architecture, Engineering & Construction use VR to create and manage the built environment through immersive training, design, project oversight and virtual tours.

What is Unity? Unity is a powerful real time development platform. It is a tool used by developers to create and power creations and solutions.
More about Unity at

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AI Machine Learning Courses
AI Machine Learning Course

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning is all around us. Intelligent devices can recognize faces or interact with speech and voice commands. Robots and autonomous vehicles are here to stay in the workplace, warehouse and on the road. AI & Machine Learning can recommend products or the next movie, entertain us and help doctors with diagnosis from their large stores of clinical data.

We partner with MIT, Amazon Alexa and Google to provide AI and Machine Learning hands on activities and projects customized for students building AI and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

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Create & Launch Your Podcast

Share your voice! What interests you? Is it the environment, fashion, entertainment, true crime, music, food, social justice? One of the most popular tools to share your voice and interests is a podcast. Podcasts popularity has exploded for teens as a screen free way to listen, learn, be entertained or relax.

Let’s create your own podcast. Your vision and creativity will drive the process. Select your topic and format, choose your platform, design your logo. How about podcast production? Let’s get started and Create & Launch a Podcast!

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Academic Coaching

WordPress Website Portfolio Blog

What can you make?
Design and Build a Website, Blog, Portfolio or App.

What careers use WordPress?
43% of the web uses WordPress! This means careers building sites, blogs, portfolios or apps plus maintaining those same creations for schools, organizations and companies. According to more than 60 million people use WordPress to power their place on the web.

Which industries use WordPress? Virtually all industries including Fortune 500 companies, Disney, Sony and major universities.

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source software used to create websites, blogs, portfolios and apps.
More about WordPress at

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Climate Science Be Climate Positive

Discover the impact of climate change on a global scale, from severe weather to sea level rise. How will this affect everyday life and future city planning?

What if people could harness innovation and organize to improve the environment? In this course, you become a citizen scientist, equipped to do research and communicate your findings in a way that helps foster change. Learn climate change and how this impacts your community and the globe. Discover your carbon footprint individually and at home. What can you do to decrease its impact? Understand the history of the environmental movement, the Paris Agreement and our role in climate science.

Climate Positive is a movement and a campaign to go beyond carbon neutral by saving more greenhouse gasses than you generate. It has been embraced across key industries including music with Reverb artists like Billie Eilish. Learn More

Learn the science, understand Climate Positive, carbon footprint and make the community and career connection!

Participants will participate in citizen science activities and create a culminating climate digital project.

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