STEM & Esports

Why Esports? Read our Blog Post on Esports & STEM Education.

Esports can have a positive impact on academics, especially in STEM and STEAM. 

An esports program can support STEM learning by encouraging:

  • Teamwork & problem solving
  • Scientific methodology
  • Using data & evidence
  • Technical proficiency.

Esports is leading to new career and technical education pathways. An increasing number of High Schools and Colleges offer Esports Clubs and Teams. There are also college scholarship dollars available.

Build an Esports program & drive student success!

Planning to build an esports club or program at your school or organization? We can help!

GreenApple STEM Learning + Esports
What's In?

Kids can participate in 1 or all Esports Programming

STEM Learning available both In Person and Virtually. Half day Sessions.

  • GameLab with Unreal Engine & Fortnite Creative

Esports Virtual Camps

  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Minecraft

Esports Tournament Style Scrimmages

  • Let’s Learn, Play and Scrim or Scrimmage! Just like classic sports, practice makes perfect and scrimmages are game style practices. Practice skills in an unranked environment. Experiment and try new approaches to improve your game play. Improve weak spots, approaches and style of play.

Esports Teams & Middle School / High School League Play Contact Us

Esports Virtual Tech Requirements

A fast internet connection, computer, webcam, and microphone are required to participate virtually. Windows 10 PC, MacOS. 
Useable Video Game Devices: Windows 10 PC, MacOS (Except for Rocket League), Xbox 1 or newer. PlayStation 4 or newer, Nintendo Switch. For Minecraft Java Version of Game.
Note: a Chromebook or Netbook like device will not be sufficient for Fortnite or Rocket League.