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GreenApple STEM powers STEM education by providing the platform, curriculum, tools, training and support to deliver STEM and Innovation courses. Our digital platform gives educators and entrepreneurs the ability to bring these courses to their learning center, makerspace, classroom, camp, after school program, workshop and organization anywhere in the world.

Launch Your STEM Education Business

The GreenApple STEM mission is twofold:

  • Power STEM + Innovation education business opportunity globally
  • Empower STEM + Innovation learning proficiency globally.

Curriculum Packs: Learning Center, Makerspace, Activity Center, Library, Preschool & School Enrichment GreenApple STEM curriculum sized to meet your goals. Boost your revenue and bring new families in the door by adding GreenApple STEM. We provide the Curriculum Packs, Training and Support.

Curriculum Packs

GreenApple STEM in SchoolsTechnology is changing today’s jobs and creating new jobs never before imagined. The demand for innovative education has never been more important. Learn more about incorporating STEM in your classroom.

STEM in Schools

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