GreenApple = STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship

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Our goal is to Ignite Innovation; to fuel the innovators, makers, hackers, entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs of the future. Spark innovation, design thinking, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and confidence. Ignite kids to be creators not consumers of technology. Explore the possibilities!


FabLab  What is ThinkTinkering? It’s solution driven STEM, merging physical, digital and Virtual Reality (VR) worlds in the FabLab Maker Space. We will think with our hands; applying lightbulb moment creativity. Ingenious! More

Virtual Worlds AR and VR : Augmented Reality AR, Virtual Reality VR More

AR Augmented Reality:  We will create an AR or Augmented Reality… More

VR Virtual Reality:  Kids will create a virtual reality project… More

StartUp Lab : The StartUp Lab initiative develops the entrepreneurial spirit bringing innovation to life. More

InnovationLab :  The InnovationLab is an entrepreneurial innovation program transforming ideas into action. More