The InnovationLab is an entrepreneurial innovation program transforming ideas into action. Kids will be inspired to be the creators not just the consumers of technology, bringing their vision to life. Let’s be hands on innovators to design, prototype and create. All elements in the Lab are used including robotics, microcomputers, electronics, and 3D Printer.

Sample Activities

  • Ingenuity Challenges to inspire innovative Design Thinking
  • Leadership activities emphasizing communication, teamwork and resilience
  • Venture Team Activities to foster the power of teamwork and collaboration
  • Innovation technology:
    • IoT, Internet of Things
    • Wearable Tech
    • VR, Virtual Reality
    • CAD & 3D Print
    • Technology Tools for Rapid Prototyping & Collaboration
  • The Money Game & Funding BigIdeas
  • Prototyping and MVP
  • The Pivot
  • The Pitch

The final Friday of each session is team pitch day. Parents are invited to attend.