Why STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship?

GreenApple = STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship. So let’s break it down. Why STEM? STEM is the future. Jobs in STEM are expected to increase to more than 9 million by 2022 according to the US Bureau of Statistics. A robust STEM workforce is critical. With STEM skills, our young people can choose their path Read More

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Let’s Talk GirlsTech

GirlsTech is all about empowering girls to confidently imagine, create, lead and achieve. Be the best future innovators we can be! Why GirlsTech? Women make up half of the national workforce, but hold just 25% of the jobs in technical or computing fields according to national research.  Let’s get girls involved! More about GirlsTech Programs

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More Entrepreneurship Programs!

Entrepreneurship is for… Innovators, inventors, dreamers, doers, leaders, makers…kids We want to ignite all kids to be creators not consumers of technology. Our goal is to fuel the innovators, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs of the future. Spark innovation, design thinking, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and confidence.  Explore the possibilities!   More About Entrepreneurship Programs More About Read More

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Virtual Worlds AR & VR Programs

New Immersive Virtual Worlds Programs in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Learn More

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Enhanced Digital Media & Coding at GreenApple

GreenApple is excited to announce our enhanced Digital Media and Coding programming. What’s new? Parents asked for more technology training. They wanted kids to learn how computers and computer systems work. We listened and have announced a partnership with Taken Charge, an accredited browser-based video game series for teaching technology to students. Taken Charge TEACHES as Read More

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