3 Design Challenges in the Power of Creativity

News comes at us from all directions these days which can be stressful. Did you know that creativity can help reduce stress? It’s true, Creativity is powerful!

It can:
Increase Happiness
Improve Mental Health
Boost Your Immune System
Improve Cognitive Function

Tapping in to your creative energy can actually improve your overall health. Engaging in creative behaviors (even coloring in adult coloring books) improves brain function, mental health, and physical health.

In this month of being thankful we challenge us all to Create Positivity in Design with a STEM twist. The whole family can participate!

Challenge 1
Invent a new board game that you could play at home instead of leaving the house to have fun. Make sure your board game has the most creative, awesome 3D playing pieces.

Challenge 2
Design a Covid Message Mascot. Design a mascot that communicates an important health message about keeping safe from Covid 19. Your message might be about washing hands, wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance from others.

Challenge 3
Do you know someone who can’t leave their home due to quarantine or social isolation? What if they live alone? How will they get food and other supplies? Design a new invention that can deliver supplies to someone’s house without them having to open their door.

Have fun and share your creations with us!
Top submissions will be featured on GreenAppleCampus.org and our partner social channels.