StartUp Lab

In the StartUp Lab Summer Incubator, our goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. In this experiential program kids are inspired to creatively apply technology and business concepts to unlock potential opportunities.

In the spirit of innovation StartUp Lab CEOs will set goals, develop their StartUp Big Idea, establish their brand, spread the word, explore funding. We will challenge kids to develop their best pitch and survive the Shark Tank. You’re the boss!

Sample Activities

  • Ingenuity Challenges to inspire innovative Design Thinking
  • Leadership activities emphasizing communication, teamwork and resilience
  • StartUp Team Activities to foster the power of teamwork and collaboration
  • The Secret to Innovation; Think Like a Kid to develop innovative solutions
  • The Money Game
  • Prototyping and MVP
  • The Pivot
  • Getting the Word Out, Tell our Story
  • The Pitch
  • Shark Tank & Funding BigIdeas

The final Friday of each session is team pitch day. Parents are invited to attend.

StartUp Lab can be customized with modules in areas such as financial literacy, prototyping and technology. Workshop schedule and duration is also customizable.

2017: Olin College

1871   CIE at The University of Chicago 

StartUp to Achieve Chicago 2014 at 1871

StartUp to Achieve Chicago 2015 at TechNexus Chicago

StartUp to Achieve Summer Incubator at Chicago Innovation Exchange at The University of Chicago

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