Why STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship?

GreenApple = STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship.

So let’s break it down. Why STEM? STEM is the future. Jobs in STEM are expected to increase to more than 9 million by 2022 according to the US Bureau of Statistics. A robust STEM workforce is critical. With STEM skills, our young people can choose their path to rewarding and successful careers. STEM skills will help all kids become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and rational decision makers, preparing them to be the successful leaders, parents, and citizens of tomorrow.

Why Innovation? We strive to ignite kids to be the creators not the consumers of technology. We want to empower kids; provide the tools and confidence to stop staring at a screen and instead apply design thinking, creativity and technology to innovate for the future. It’s solution driven STEM, merging physical, digital and Virtual Reality (VR) worlds in the FabLab Maker Space.

Our goal is to fuel the innovators, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs of the future. Spark innovation, design thinking, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and confidence.

Why Entrepreneurship? Kids are natural entrepreneurs. Adult entrepreneurs work to “think like a kid”. At GreenApple it’s all about empowering kids to confidently imagine, create, lead and achieve. Be the best future innovative entrepreneurs they can be. Our StartUp Lab and InnovationLab develop the entrepreneurial spirit, bringing innovation to life.

Entrepreneurship is for…Innovators, inventors, dreamers, doers, leaders, makers…you.

Robotics, Coding, VR Virtual Reality, AR Augmented Reality, App Design, Game Design, Maker, Minecraft, GirlsTech, InnovationLab, StartUp Lab.

And it’s FUN!

Let’s get started!

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