Robotics Engineering & Invention

Bot Challenges inspire problem solving through critical thinking, invention, innovation, design and engineering. STEM Robotics incorporates technology, architecture and programming. Activities are driven by the Big Idea, challenge projects, prototypes, testing and reinvention.


Robotics Engineering

Introduction to Robotics
This program introduces robotic components and concepts, establishes the building blocks to design, build and program robotic projects. Get to know a Robo. Participants work in small teams and individually on bot projects. Introduction to Robotics will utilize Mindstorms, Dot & Dash robotics, and/or Ozobot along with other cutting-edge technology.

Explore NASA 
In this Robotics in Engineering program we explore all things NASA, robotics in space and drones. We take the best of NASA Summer of Innovation and supplement it with GreenApple tech. Kids will explore aeronautics, rovers, rockets, robotic arms, moonbuggies and space engineering. Participants utilize Mindstorms along with other cutting-edge technology to explore the world of NASA through robotics. New drones!

It’s BattleBot time! Once the fundamentals of building a BattleBot are mastered, participants can enter the robot building lab to design & program a motorized creature using Mindstorm technology. In this program BattleBot builders are challenged even further to build the ultimate battle offense and defense strategy to survive the BattleBot arena.

Are you ready sports fans? Can you create a robot sports star? Design, build and program your robot to compete against other robots and teams. Challenge your bot to perform sport like activities across a variety of terrains, arenas and fields with Mindstorms robotics. Challenge your creativity and thinking skills on this robo playing field.

Robotics Invention

CanDo Kids
CanDo Kids actively engages your child’s creative thinking, introduces concepts and establishes building blocks to design and build robotic projects. Hey mini inventors! Put on your thinking cap to solve problems and challenges through fun invention with all elements in the lab. We add ingenuity to create a mix of practical and wacky projects. Dot & Dash robotics, Sphero and/or Ozobot will be used.

WizKids actively engages your child with hands on, problem solving, critical thinking activities designed to develop essential math skills. Building and invention projects finding math all around us. Dot & Dash robotics, Sphero and/or Ozobot will be used to introduce coding concepts.

Cool Contraptions
This invention based STEM program is all about building contraptions, vehicles and machines that move. Gears, beams, pulleys, wheels, axles, pieces that snap and flex. Everything we need to invent cool things that move. Rube Goldberg would be proud! Mindstorms, motors, Sphero, technic components and Ozobot will be used.

XTreme Contraptions

We take Cool Contraptions to the next level building contraptions with an increased emphasis on STEM invention, mechanisms and motion. Gears, beams, pulleys, wheels, axles, pneumatic motors, robotics and remote controls. This is extreme invention with even more Rube Goldberg. Mindstorms, motors, Sphero, technic components and Ozobot will be used.