We explore SpaceWorlds, MinecraftWorlds, GalacticWorlds from the future and ancient past. A variety of themes are explored using LEGO®, Technic systems and digital media. STEM concepts are infused in each program. Additional DM or Digital Media and Stop Motion challenge projects to share.


Let’s design and build MinecraftWorlds. Explore the creative and survival mode possibilities with forts, castles, shelters, dungeons, resources and Redstone with lots of STEM building challenges. Plan our adventure map in the design and construction of our MinecraftWorld. Digital Media Stop Motion Challenge Projects to share.

Do you dream of becoming a space traveler or NASA space engineer? It’s out of this world projects and activities all about space. We add rockets, rovers, moonbuggies and STEM space travel challenges as we launch our space themed projects. Digital Media Stop Motion Challenge Projects to share.

Let’s band together to design and build our mission to Galactic Empire Worlds. Death Stars, space stations, Imperial Pilots, droids, Jedi Knights and STEM challenges are all part of the plan. May the force be with you. Digital Media Stop Motion Challenge Projects to share.