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Future Ready STEM Camps

The Future will be Made by Creators not Consumers

STEM is exploring, creating, building, innovating and finding solutions in our globally connected world. Thinking of a career as a designer, media or game developer, user experience designer, AI, green or space engineer? How about designing and planning cars, buildings, homes, robots. Learning and practicing surgery, solving problems with AI? Summer STEM connects students with high skill, in demand STEM fields and areas of exploration where future jobs are waiting. Explore an interest, hobby, area of study or career!
Digital Certificate at Completion

Build an AR App or Game
Minecraft Coding Challenge
AI Machine Learning
Story Media Workshop

Build an AR App or Game

Design and build your own AR game, app or project to share with friends or add to your portfolio. The only limit is your imagination! Use your new AR skills to create a fun, engaging, interactive experience.

The focus of this program is to understand what is involved in creating an AR experience, how to use AR to make an app or game that stands out from the crowd and how to take user engagement to the next level using your new AR experience and design skills.

Select the coding level that best matches skill level and goals 

Minecraft Coding Challenge

Minecraft Education Edition is a game based learning platform for kids and teens. MEdu builds STEM and coding skills, unleashes creativity and engages students through creative problem solving, challenges and collaborative learning.

Students traverse vast landscapes, mountains, forests, caves, oceans and biospheres. They are not just earthbound! Students design and build in space, on the moon and Mars. Characters hunt, sail, and farm while constructing homes, space vehicles, castles, habitats and objects in a 3D world. It is the epitome of creativity with limitless opportunity to build, discover, and problem solve. How? Using code!

AI Machine Learning Course

AI Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning is all around us. Intelligent devices can recognize faces or interact with speech and voice commands. Robots and autonomous vehicles are here to stay in the office and on the road. AI & Machine Learning can recommend products or the next movie and help doctors with diagnosis from their large stores of clinical data.

We partner with MIT and Google to provide AI and Machine Learning hands on activities and projects customized for students elementary through high school.

AI Machine Learning is a week long live virtual course customized for students elementary through high school.


Story Media Workshop

Story Media Workshop is an exciting new STEM and STEAM series giving kids the power to be creators vs consumers. Students with the creative capacity and technical literacy will hold the power in the future. They are the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Express yourself with STEM and STEAM. Tell your story in a Graphic Novel, in a game, a video, with VR or AR, even in a podcast. Students can take one Story Media Workshop Lab or the full series.

Story Media Workshop supports students in emerging and interactive technologies to create media that takes their story to the next level. Through experiential storytelling and design, students share their perspectives and community, inspire positive action or create adventure entertainment.

Story Media Workshop builds academic, technology and career skills!

Story Media Workshops are 1 week live virtual courses customized for students elementary through high school.